Review: Sears Outlet Store

Santa Ana, California

A row of washing machines from Sears

The Sears outlet store in Santa Ana, California is located inside of a normal Sears retail location. This location provides you with the unique opportunity to shop the entire Sears product line in one location. In the normal part of the store, you can buy brand-new appliances, tools, and electronics at retail prices, and in the outlet you can view a wide assortment of scratched, dented, and open-box appliances and tools. Inside the outlet portion you can find appliances marked up to 50% off of retail prices for only the slightest of visual defects, like a scratch on the handle of a fridge, or a dent in a dryer. And if you can't find a less-than-new appliance that meets your satisfaction, you can always go into the other part of the store and buy a new appliance.

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