Review: Sears Outlet Store

San Leandro, California

Several washing machines from Sears Outlet Mall

The Sears outlet store in San Leandro, California is large and fully stocked with appliances, TVs, and more. You can find new appliances, open-box appliances, and many appliances with slight scratches and dents and other visual blemishes. Unlike some other Sears outlet stores, the Sears outlet store in San Leandro even delivers appliances that you purchase. You get huge savings, often up to several hundred dollars off retail prices on nearly every appliance in the store. My only complaint when I went here is that some of the customer service can be poor if you come during a very busy time. They seem to not have enough employees to help everyone, but if you're looking for normal levels of customer service, it's always best to go to a full Sears store.

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