Review: Sears Outlet Store

Newark/Eagle Run, Delaware

Nice black stove from Sears

The Sears outlet store in Newark, Delaware is an excellent place to pick up appliances at discount prices. Like most Sears outlet stores, appliances in the Newark Sears outlet store are up to 50 or 60% off of retail prices, with only a few scratches or dents. These open-box or slightly used appliances are the primary product of the Sears outlet store in Newark. The appliances in the store are restocked regularly, always ensuring a fresh selection of almost-new appliances. The only downside to purchasing your washer or dryer or refrigerator or other appliance here is that Sears outlet stores do not do delivery. Other than that, the Sears outlet store in Newark is a dream for anyone looking for a bargain on a high quality appliance with only minor visual defects.

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