Review: Sears Outlet Store

Ithica, New York

Parking lot view of a Sears Outlet Store

The Sears outlet store in Ithica, New York is conveniently located inside of a K-Mart store, so in addition to the plethora of appliances in the Sears outlet, you also have quick and easy access to any of your other shopping needs. The K-Mart/Sears outlet is very large, with abundant parking and lots of sales associates. Inside the Sears outlet you can find heavily discounted appliances, including washers and dryers, fridges and ranges, and more. The items here are discounted largely because of their condition; most have some scratches, dents, or dings in them, or were open-box items. Open-box items are the best of course, because they have no damage, but were just on a store floor. The real bargains however, lie with the scratch-and-dent appliances. These appliances have minor cosmetic damage, and can go for 50% off. With the wide selection, you can usually find one that is in pretty good shape, or where the damage won't be visible in your home.

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