Review: Sears Outlet Store

Carrollton, Texas

A Sears store selling Scooters

The Sears outlet store in Carrollton, Texas is located on Marsh Lane, near the Columbian Country Club of Dallas. At the Sears Outlet in Carrollton, they sell new, open-box, and scratch-and-dent appliances. You can find fridges, ovens, dishwashers, washers, dryers, and more at the Sears Outlet. The best bargains accompany the scratch-and-dent appliances, appliances with slight visual damage. You can usually find these appliances between 15-50% cheaper than retail prices. Of course, because it is an Outlet store, the service isn't always the greatest. You have to be certain you know the appliance you're buying, and the condition it's in, because otherwise you might have to search for some part afterwards. But as long as you shop knowledgeably, you'll find great deals!

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