Review: Sears Outlet Store

Bear, Delaware

Sears at Bear

The Sears outlet store in Bear, Delaware is not located in a conventional outlet mall. The Sears outlet store in Bear is instead located at the K-Mart, with several convenient highways nearby. Despite its unconventional location, the Sears outlet in Bear is much the same as any other Sears outlet store. You can find most products at 20-60% off of normal retail prices. Their products include new items, open box items, scratched, and discontinued items. This assortment of product conditions helps make the low prices of the outlet possible. Another benefit of the K-Mart location is that parking is free and plentiful, with none of the difficulties associated with most outlet malls. So when you visit the Sears outlet store in Bear, DE, be sure to grab a cart and be prepared for some excellent deals!

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