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Panasonic Oultet Stores sell consumer electronics for use around the house, in the outdoors and for the car. There is one Panasonic Outlet Store located at Belz Factory Outlet Store in Puerto Rico. Panasonic in the largest Japaense producer of electronics in the world and its inovation is clear as soon as one enters a store: you will find rows upon rows of electronics inlcudings HD TVs, high quality stereos, DVD and Blue-Ray players, digital cameras and camcorders, there is no end. Panasonic also stocks many items for the kitchen such as microwave ovens and vaccums. If you need electronics, and you happen to be in Puerto Rico (or by a Panasonic store) I recomend checking this store out pronto.

Panasonic Outlet Stores

Belz Factory Outlet Store
Puerto Rico
18400 State Road #3
Canůvanas, PR

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