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Hancock Fabrics is, as you can imagine, an outlet for all types of fabrics for all different types of projects. Currently, there are no Hancock Fabrics outlet stores located in the United States or Canada. Regardless of what you are trying to do with fabric, Hancok Fabrics can provide you with the materials you need. They have fleece, fabric for making clothes, fabric for decorating around the house and more. And, understanding you may need equipment to put the fabric together, Hancock provides a wide range of sewing machines and accessories such as buttons, needles, thread and everything else you would expect from a sewing shop. So whether you are trying to mend your curtains, make a quilt or design your own custom dress, a Hancock Fabrics outlet store is there for you.

Hancock Fabrics Outlet Stores

Unfortunately, there are no Hancock Fabrics Outlet stores located in the United States.

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