Swiss Army Outlet Stores

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Swiss Army Outlet Stores sells pocketknives and watches. There is one outlet location in Central Valley, New York. When you think Swiss Army, you think one thing: red, pocket knives with up to 64 attachments. But there is more than that at a Swiss Army store. Yes, these stores stock hundreds of pocketknives useful for every situation, from cutting flint for a fire, to uncorking a bottle of wine. But in addition to that, these stores sell Swiss Watches, for both style and use. They have watches built specially made to go underwater, watches with compasses and all types of outdoor watches. So if you are looking for the store that can provide you with two vital accessories for any outdoor adventure: look no further than a Swiss Army Outlet Store.

Swiss Army Outlet Stores

Woodbury Common Premium Outlets
New York
498 Red Apple Court
Central Valley, NY

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