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Depot 62 is an outlet store unique to Vermont that retails in home decor. The sole location can be found at the Manchester Designer outlets in Manchester. The store has been known to provide quite an experience for its customers. While it is designed to look like an antique store, you will find upon entering a restaurant where you can enjoy some fine food before shopping around. Then, after you are finished with your meal, you can browse around the aisles of Depot 62 and look at all their exotic wares. Here you will find an impressive selection of furniture, vases and other home decorating items. If you are someone who likes the unusual in your house, and you are in Vermont, Depot 62 is a must-visit store, which will provide a truly unique experience.

Depot 62 Outlet Stores

Manchester Designer Outlets
Routes 11/30 and Route 7A
Manchester, VT

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