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Birkentock Outlet Stores sells shoes for all seasons and both men and women. Currently, there are no Birkenstock Outlet locations in the United States or Canada. Birkenstok is perhaps best known for its sandal wear which includes the "Boston Clog". These German-designed shoes have a special insoles which conforms to the wearer's foot, to make for a more comfortable fit. While, they may not have outlet locations, pretty much anywhere you go (especially in the summer) you will find people sporting the Birkenstock brand. They are awesome shoes!

Unfortunately, there are no Birkenstock outlet store locations in the United State or Canada. However, there are 5 retail locations in malls, which are:


Hanes Mall in Winston-Salem, Massachussetts


Colonial Park Mall, in Harrisburgh, Pennsylvania


Gateway Shopping Center, in Austin, Texas


Spokane Valley Mall in Spokane, Washington

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