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American Apparel Outlet stores are known for appealing to "the hipster in you". There are nine outlet mall locations throughout the US. With a vast array of trendy t-shirts, jeans, top, accessories and anything else clothes related, this has become a must shop for teens and young adults these days. These stores are known for their "no sweat-shop" policies and their policies promoting immigrants' rights. Check out your nearest American Apparel Outlet store today!

American Apparel Outlet Store Locations:

  • Camarillo Premium Outlets Camarillo, CA
  • Gilroy Premium Outlets Gilroy, CA
  • Premium Outlets Napa, CA
  • Prime Outlets St. Augustine, FL
  • Sawgrass Mills Sunrise, FL
  • Prime Outlets International Orlando, FL
  • Las Vegas Premium Outlets Las Vegas, NV
  • Woodbury Common Premium Outlets Central Valley, NY
  • Round Rock Premium Outlets Round Rock, TX

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